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Wash And Re-Sand

Customer contaced us at first just to have there windows cleaned. Whilst cleaning the windows we had a lovely chat about certain improvements the gentelman and his wife were thinking of making to the house. The gentelman told us he had prices in the past to have his drive power washed but the quotes he was recieving were well out of his price range, he informed us he has some new bags of stones he wanted to put down but couldnt do so due to the moss growth between the block paving. We ran trough a couple of options with him and his wife and managed to get them a really good affordable deal that they were really pleased with.

Front (Block Paving Driveway)


Back (Indian Stone)


After coming to an agreement with the customer we booked them in for our team to Pressure wash the driveway removing any algue, moss and weeds and then brush in the correct amount of stones.

On the day of the job our team arrive at around 10am giving enough time for the customers to get some brakfast and prepare themself for there day. Now tings start moving the team unpacks all the necisary equipment out of the Grime Blasters van parking the van over the bottom of the drive making it very clear to passers by to tempereraly avoid that area as there is work in progress. The team start by giving a quick sweep over the surface they are working on to avoid any debri getting blown around by the jetwash, they will then coat the area with a rapid speed Moss & Algue Killer (Fully Enviromently Friendly).after leaving this substance to eat in to the grime for aproxamatly 10 minutes then its time to start the jetwashes. Once there up and running and have had chance to warm up our guys will jump into action cleaning the surface judging what angle nozzle needs to be used and the best direction for access water to run. after the area is all cleaned and any weeds, moss and algue have been removed the team will pack away all the tools they have used and will not need to use again. Now to brush in the stones, starting from the top of te driveway with it being angles was the best way to lay the new stones pouring little and often rather than more than required after this the customers are informed the process is complete and are asked to have a good look around making sure the 1000% happy.

Project Overview

After the Pressure wash and re-stone had been complete the lovely couple could not belive the results they were amazed and now they can park on there drive with style

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